‘Meeting’, a montage of my sculpture and drawings. The sculpture are cast, one in bronze the other in iron, and articulated so that their poses can be adjusted.
'Funeral pyre'
‘Funeral pyre’, a montage of photos of my sculpture and drawings.
Uta and Honeysuckle. Honeysuckle is a most curious flower when one comes to look closely.
I finally, after 20 years, found a place that my wonderful iris like. These ink drawings are 2 metres tall.
Drawing 2 April 2017 red b
I am fascinated by overlapping layers, Greek sculpture of fabric over flesh, water over rocks, the sheath from which buds emerge, forms half revealed.
Drawing 1 April 2017 red
Ink drawing developed from designs for 500mm tall silver vases which in turn intended to suggest striving plant forms, as these are. The drawings 2metres tall.
compo of stage 2 &3 of drawing 4
Developed from drawings originally made for silver vases in which I was thinking of flowing water. Returning to the designs I began to think of things underground, roots, germinating seeds.

The prints below began as mono prints made on an etching press during a residency in Vermont. I later scanned and modified them to create compositions that I imagine as fabric hangings, as indeed the ones below them featuring fighting pheasants and geese. The geese because I heard a talk in which was said that certain geese migrating over the Himalaya’s have been doing so since before the mountains were there. I imagine them every year wondering why the trip is becoming harder to make.


wall scroll geese 1 & 2b




Fading night